City Hotel Oberland
City Hotel Oberland

Adventure Activities

Interlaken is known as the mecca of adventure tourism within Europe. The wide range of adventure sports and activities offered in the area are suited for just about everyone. Previous experience or equipment is not necessary or required by guests. Guests will become familiarized with instructions, safety procedures and equipment from the professional, experienced and highly qualified adventure companies, whose staff will pick up booked guests directly at the hotel.

Adventure in the sky

Interlaken is known for its infamous pilotage area throughout Europe. In fact, there are over 300 possible flight days a year in Interlaken. Because of this exceptional rating, scheduling a tandem paragliding flight, skydive or alpine sightseeing flight are all highly recommended. Discovering the Alps from this perspective has never been so exciting!

Alpine sightseeing flights
Tandem skydiving
Tandem hanggliding
Tandem paragliding


If you prefer to stay on the ground or to quickly land back on the ground, any of these exciting activities would be perfectly suitable:

Bungy jumping
Canyon jump
Ice climbing
Rock climbing
Glacier trekking
Indoor sport climbing
Fixed rope route
Mountain biking
Rope course


Enjoy having fun in the refreshing water with any of these activities. Remember that all necessary equipment will be provided for by adventure companies. The only thing left for us to do is advise you to have a great time!

River Rafting
Water skiing

Features Tips & Ideas

There are countless exciting excursion possibilities within the enchanting Bernese Oberland and surrounding Jungfrau Region. As a result, we have compiled lists of various excursion possibilities suited for just about anyone.

Top Excursions
Adventure activities
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